Countertop Features and Accessories
Examples of edges and back splashes available to you from Counterscapes.

The features and accessories you will need to choose are; the type of edge, type of sink, backsplash, and any decorative inlays or special trim.

The edge can be square, round, decorative, or anything in between.

Stone Edge Examples

Waterfall 3/8 Double Round Bullnose
Waterfall 3/8" Double Round Bullnose
Bevel Ogee Flat Polish
Bevel Ogee Flat Polish

Solid Edge Examples

1 Round 3/8 Round Bullnose
1" Round 3/8" Double Round Bullnose
Bevel Classic Ogee
Bevel Classic Ogee

Sinks can be under-mounted, beveled, flush or stepped down. With Corian countertops the sink can be integrated into the countertop making them one piece.

The backsplash can be made as part of the countertops, made separately, or left off to allow for custom tile work.

Back Splash Examples

Bevel Classic Ogee
4" Coved Splash 4" Square Splash 1/2" Coved Splash with Tile

Making exactly the right choice is an important part of the design process. Because the choices are endless, and vary depending on which material you choose, your Counterscapes designer can explain all of the available options and go over the choices with you.

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Features and Accessories
The features and accessories you will need to choose are; the type of edge, type of sink, back-splash, and any decorative inlays or special trim.

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