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Counterscapes has collected an extensive array of Countertop Material Options here for you to browse. For your convenience we have grouped the countertop material options by surface type.

We offer Granites and Marbles from all over the world, Engineered Stone from six different manufacturers, and Solid Surface products from more than nine different sources. The benefit to you is an extensive choice of materials and colors, with no pressure to buy "our" product.

Granite has become a top choice for countertops because it is both durable and beautiful. However granite does require regular maintenance. Granite is appreciated because it holds up to heat and looks permanent and substantial. Because it is porous, granite must be sealed to reduce the potential for staining.

Marble is popular primarily because of the beautiful appearance of the stone, which can be found in a wide variety of different hues and colors. Marble is long-lasting and heat resistant, but the finish may be damaged if hot items are placed directly on the surface of the countertop.

Engineered Stone, or Quartz, is another favorite for countertops. It is easy to care for and stain resistant. It comes in a wide range of colors, has a nonporous surface that resists scratches, and requires no maintenance. 

Solid Surface countertops come in an wide array of colors and patterns, are seamless, non-porous, and stain resistant. Because the color is solid all the way through, it is possible to sand out most scratches. Solid surface countertops are the "most repairable" of all materials. Sinks can be made into the countertop using the same or contrasting colors.

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Granite Material Options
Granite has become a top choice for countertops because it is both durable and beautiful.

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Marble Material Options
Marble has a gorgeous sheen and requires less maintenance than granite.

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Engineered Stone / Quartz Material Options
Engineered Stone / Quartz is easy to care for and stain resistant.

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Recycled Glass Material Options
Recycled Glass countertops are heat resistant and perform very well near stoves and ovens.

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Solid Surface Material Options
Solid Surface countertops are seamless, non-porous, and stain resistant.

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